Affordable Room Decor Ideas!

We’ve touched on apartment essentials, but today we’re here to share two of our personal favorite room decor ideas. Whether you’re living in a dorm, back at home with your parents, or living in your first apartment, these can work for you… without breaking the bank!

1. Record Wall

My records: The Eagles, Bryan Adams, Elvis, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, & George Jones (last two not pictured). And of course, Hank gets his own wall because he’s the OG.

Creating a record wall is a great way to show your own personality while adding a vintage feel to your room. There is probably a box of records somewhere in your parents house, or you can always stop by your local record store (basically every town has a cute little store like this!) and pick some up. To create this super cute record wall, you’ll need the following:

  1. Records
  2. Permanent Mounting Scotch Tape (or Command Strips!)

To start off your record wall, first figure out what wall you want your records on, and what pattern or order you want them in. I just went with a straight line above my closet doors, but you can always make a square or diamond pattern! Take your roll of Scotch tape and cut four pieces. Place one piece in each corner. Then, remove the tapes backing. Place the record in the desired location, and repeat with each record until you’re finished! This is a very quick, very easy, and very affordable project that can completely change the dynamic of a room. In total, I only spent $19! 

2. Colorful Cork Board


Okay, just about everyone has a cork board in their room. You might think they’re kind of basic, but there’s an affordable and fun way to make them stand out and keep you organized. Using paint (optional!), string lights, 5-7 pieces of card stock, and colorful thumb tacks, you’ll have everything you need to create the perfect board. To create your colorful cork board:

  1. (OPTIONAL) Paint your cork board. If your board is just plain brown, you might consider painting it a different color to make it look unique. I painted mine white just to brighten it up!
  2. Place the card stock on your cork board as a background, and secure it in the desired place using the colorful thumbtacks. I used pink and orange patterns for my background. Using fun colors will draw the eye to your board!
  3. Take your string lights and drape them around the perimeter of your cork board. Secure them in place using Command Hooks or the Scotch tape. This will brighten up the cork board and warm up the room.
  4. Add whatever you’d like to your cork board! Mine is filled with concert tickets, hockey tickets, pins, bookmarks, lanyards, and lots and lots of “The Office” Redbubble stickers, courtesy of my friend Emily. (BTW – Redbubble stickers are a super cute and affordable gift idea!)

As I already had the cork board and the paint, this little renovation cost under $15. Pieces of card stock are usually about $1.00. The most expensive item would be the lights, but there are plenty of cheap stores that sell those for a reasonable price. I purchased mine from FiveBelow for $5.00.

Be sure to try out these decor ideas, and tag us in your photos!


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