What to Wear on Vacation

Annual summer beach vacations are an absolute must. Even if you’re working full time or going to school throughout the summer, you deserve one week to yourself in a tropical paradise. Some of our favorite beach spots are the Outer Banks, North Carolina, Isle of Palms, South Carolina, and Key West. But, picking the perfect relaxing location is just half the battle. You want to be able to chill stress-free, but you also want make sure you have the right outfits packed. Since you’ll be surrounded by scenic views, you’ll want to look cute for all those Instagram photo ops.

Two Comfortable Swim Suits

Key word: “comfortable”. Swim suit trends are getting pretty crazy these days, with all the different strings and straps hanging from everywhere. If you’re going to be laying out on the beach everyday, taking a dip in the ocean, surfing, body boarding, etc., you’re going to want a suit that you’re comfortable moving around in without worrying about a possible wardrobe malfunction. What we suggest: a bikini and a one piece. Packing this way allows for two very different looks. Plus, you’ve got the one piece revival suit handy just incase you feel like getting out your Yeti and trying to make it onto Old Row. Our favorite bikinis are from Sandy Buns Bikini, and the cutest one pieces that we’ve found are from Forever21.

Cover Ups

Contrary to what Victoria’s Secret makes you believe, bathing suit cover ups don’t just need to be loosely crocheted, barely there, ponchos that drape over your body. We like to think of swim suit covers up as versatile outfits that can be worn out to lunch, boardwalk shopping, etc. We like to bring distressed denim shorts, and cute off the shoulder tops as our cover ups. That way, if we want to head to grab food or hit some shops, we can easily slip them on without running back to the hotel room, and still look acceptable in public. Our favorite distressed shorts come from our own shop, and some of the cutest tops we own, we found at American Eagle.

PM Outfits

Days in the sun are great, but so are the nights out on the beach town, trying out some local landmark restaurants. Those cover up pieces could serve as cute dinner outfits, but we like to go a little fancier. You can never go wrong with shift dresses! Our favorite things to wear out to eat, shift dresses, are loose, comfortable, and adorable. Some of our favorite shift dresses have come from MondayDress, FillyFlair, and Hollister (yes, they still have cute stuff).


Kind of a given, but we figured we’d touch on this anyways. A comfortable pair of cheap flip flops is an absolute must. Running back and forth from the beach to the hotel (or house… if you’re lucky enough to have one!) makes it necessary to have easy slip ons. We always find cheap flip flops from Old Navy. When you’re going out at night, step up your game and slip on a pair of nicer flip flops or sandals. Jack Rogers sells cute sandals, but you can never go wrong with Sperry’s or boho style sandals from Kohl’s. Some say wedges are out of style, but we disagree! Wedges are a great way to give yourself some height (and make your legs look a lot longer!) while not compromising comfort. Any shift dress or short/shirt combo can be dressed up with some wedges! Check out the places listed above for some cute wedge options.


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